Rich Publicity CopywritingWebsites are essential tools of business – Web text and Blogs Matters!

Web Text – too often neglected

Hardly any company would think to do business without a Website. A Website is almost as essential as a storefront for many businesses and, for those who don’t have traditional offices or retail stores, there are even more important. But, while business owners are appropriately concerned with the appearance and layout of their Websites, they often overlook or a give cursory attention to the words on the pages of their Websites – the Web text.

Web text must be concise. It must get the point across quickly and that means the intended point: the message that is most likely to motivate readers to the desired action. While content that is well written is essential, with the Internet, Web text must go beyond what is acceptable on a printed sheet of paper. Online, Web text must also grab the attention of the Web crawlers and aid in promoting positive Search Engine Optimization. This means that the Web text must use strong keywords – content that works for the reader and for the Internet.

Rich Publicity will perform research and conduct interviews to create keyword-rich content that contains information that will help to motivate your audience to an intended action. The Web text we create will reflect the professionalism of your business and your commitment to quality and service. We’ll ensure that the Web text also reflects the professional appearance of your Web site. Even if you have an existing Website, you may want to consider the quality of the content, as well as how fresh it is. From time to time, it’s a good idea to refresh the content of your Website and Rich Publicity can help.

Blogging is an Essential Tool for Successful Businesses

Blogging isn’t just for hobbyists or those with a personal interest; Blogging is an essential tool for a successful business. Each time your business posts a blog, it adds fresh content to the Website, which helps to keep it on the radar of the Web crawlers who monitor and rank the visibility of Websites. But, blogging does more than that.

Some think of a business blog as a form of marketing or advertising. That is not the correct approach. Blogging, if used to its full potential, is the point where social networking can funnel prospective clients into your Website. In that regard, a blog needs to capture the attention of your intended audience. A blog needs to cover a relevant topic. It needs to be well written. And, in the process, a blog will help to establish you as an authority in the field, whatever your business.

It’s essential, therefore, to avoid using the blog as an advertisement. We’re all inundated with advertising to the extent that, when we see it, we reflexively turn away. If readers of your blog catch too much of a whiff of advertising in your blogs, you’ll turn them off and turn them away. Once gone, they may never return.

Rich Publicity will help you come up with relevant topics, will create effective and informational blogs that capture the attention of more intended readers and will avoid the trap of advertising that will turn readers away. We have blogged about a vast number of topics and can do so effectively about your business, too.