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Vindictive Vinyl does more than wrap cars, trucks and SUVs; they also wrapped my digital devices so I can bring my branding on the go. Here I am at Ethereal Confections with my brand proudly showing.

At Vindictive Vinyl, they wrap cars and trucks. Business owners come to them wanting their vehicles, not just to serve as mobile billboards for the company but, to present their business in a way that truly stands out – that makes a statement about the company while providing contact information. For instance, I saw how Vindictive Vinyl did an incredible job of wrapping the company truck for Ringwood auto repair shop Performance Unlimited. And, you should see the way they’ve wrapped their own vehicles.

There’s no doubt about it – when Vindictive Vinyl wraps your vehicle with a custom-design that incorporates your logo and brand, people will notice when you drive down the street. Of course, if a full-vehicle wrap stretches beyond your marketing budget, they can also provide smaller, custom-designed logos and stickers.

While Vindictive Vinyl wraps a lot of vehicles for business purposes; there are some people who want their cars, trucks and SUVs wrapped for personal reasons. They want their cars, trucks and SUVs wrapped with designs that accentuate and personalize their vehicles: that make them unique.

Still, in the business community, Vindictive Vinyl offers its special talents for branding that won’t necessarily be displayed on a car, truck or SUV. This is what brought me to Vindictive Vinyl’s doors. I didn’t necessarily want to wrap my car but I did want to put my company logo on some of the tools of my business, such as the Surface Pro3 I’m using now to write this. They also helped me put my logo on my iphone 5s.

I even have several logos of other sizes that I can affix to different items. Getting back to my car, for instance, though I don’t intend to have them wrap my car, I do have my logo in a size that can fit nicely on the stanchion by the rear-side windows. In my case, Vindictive Vinyl created a strip of material with my logo in multiple sizes – this is in accordance with the idea that they use a strip of the material at the length required.

Personalizing my phone and laptop provides a touch of theft prevention. I don’t think someone will be as likely to make off with one of my devices if Rich Publicity is proudly displayed on the back of the device. But, more than that, the logos provide some visibility.

As I write this, I’m sitting in Ethereal Confections, one of my favorite haunts, with my laptop open on the counter. The logo is on the other side of the laptop from the surface I’m typing on. There, anyone who looks my way is likely to see the logo. This doesn’t mean they’re going to rush down the counter and hire me on the spot. But, it does me good knowing that I’m actively branding my company – creating positive familiarity.

Branding is a valuable tool. When I put my brand out where the public can see it, I increase awareness of my company. And, with the way Vindictive Vinyl has helped me to display my company logo, I look darn good doing it. Well, at least my laptop and cell phone look good. I’d even say they look great.

You can contact Vindictive Vinyl by calling 262-358-2626 or visiting:

Vindictive Vinyl does more than wrap cars and trucks – they can even brand your devices
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