Rich Publicity CopywritingPress Releases Can Help Get Your Message Across

Many businesses approach marketing and public relations without ever considering the potential value of a press release. When Rich Rostron, the founder of Rich Publicity, asks a room full of business owners, “How many of you have sent out a press release before,” he frequently sees no more than one or two hands go up. Whether you need help with your press release or not, this is a marketing and public relations tool you should not overlook.

Rich Publicity, with a background in journalism, has a better idea of what editors and journalists are looking for in story ideas and how to create a press release that is more likely to receive the desired coverage in a publication or other media source. We will craft your press release to get your message across to an editor or producer where it has the best chance of being printed or otherwise covered.

How is a press release different from other marketing and advertising?

A press release is someone else speaking about your business or topic. When you run an ad in the newspaper, those who see the ad know that is you speaking to them through the words and pictures on the page. When a press release results in a story printed in a newspaper or magazine; or covered on television or the radio, someone else is talking about you or your business. If you say, “I provide fantastic auto repair services” it’s not as powerful as hearing someone else say that about you.

What are the drawbacks of a press release?

Unlike an ad, with a press release you surrender control to the publication or another media source. In other words, a reporter and editor/producer will decide what to say and how to say it. This is somewhat discomforting. And there are certainly occasions when the publication or media source don’t handle a story as you might have hoped. But, there’s an old saying – “No news is bad news.” That isn’t entirely true; there are some stories you may not want to share with the news. However, in a sense, that idea is true; getting your name out through the media is usually a good thing, even if they don’t get the story quite right.