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That is not health food on my plate at Panera but I did win a summer’s worth of vegetables from the AARRK in Hebron. They provide fresh veggies for consumers while offering homeless and veterans employment opportunities.

It must be a case of Divine intervention. Here I am working with Nutritionist Extraordinaire Sally South, of Cornerstone Health Coaching Group, as she ‘patiently’ tries to nudge me towards eating more vegetables and my phone rings. When I answer the phone I’m told, “You’ve won.”


I’ve won things before so I’m more skeptical than excited. For instance, the first time I remember winning something was when I was a teenager. As was the case now, I received a call telling me I had won. That call came from someone at a new stereo store about seven miles from my home where I grew up. The caller didn’t tell me what I’d won but did tell me I should come in to the store to pick up my prize.


Keep in mind, it was the first time I won anything. So, I ran outside, jumped on my bicycle and peddled the seven miles to the store. All sweaty and out of breath, I entered the store where, apparently, they were having a Grand Opening. I went up to someone and told them who I was and why I was there. Shortly, I was given my prize.


I won a T-shirt with the new stereo company’s logo on the front. Even then, I realized that, what I had really won was the ‘privilege’ of going around as a walking, talking billboard for the stereo company. My reaction then fits with my attitude today about wearing sports jerseys and such.


I do wear a Bears hat or a Cubs hat, on occasion, but that’s only because someone very, very special to me gave me those hats as presents. Otherwise, I think the professional sports industry is one of the biggest scams in the civilized world. Have you ever seen how much some people are willing to spend to market their ‘favorite’ team’s marketing material? Why do you think teams play in ‘throw-back’ jerseys? It gives them another set of marketing material to sell to their adoring fans.


Don’t get me wrong; I’m a Bears fan and I like watching football in the fall – it’s one of the best things about the looming approach of winter. But, I understand what’s going on. I understand that they’ve actually created a business model where people pay for the privilege of marketing the professional sports teams’ brand.


I have a business – Rich Publicity – providing content-driven marketing for other businesses. I wonder, if I created a line of hats and shirts with my logo, how much would you pay for the ‘opportunity’ to wear my shirts and hats?


So, this was my attitude when I received the call the other day telling me that I had won. Only, instead of a shirt with some company’s logo on it, I won 10 weeks of eggs and vegetables from Community Supported Agriculture. Starting in June, I need to drive up to Hebron Saturday mornings for 10 weeks and pick up my eggs and vegetables – fresh eggs and fresh grown vegetables. I can just see the smirk on Sally’s face now.


P.S., I won by signing up at a booth Sunday, April 25, at McHenry County College. I was there to ‘run’ the 5k Human Race. I finished in 50:37.7, which suggests that it’s a bit of a stretch to say that I actually ‘ran.’ The event allowed participants to collect donations for the local charity of their choice. I ran for Free Guitars for Future Stars.

I won – ‘Someone’ must want me to eat my vegetables
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