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This is an architect’s rendering of what the new Ethereal Confections will look like. You can help to make this an even more incredible treasure for the area with their Kickstart pledge program.

How would you like to attend a Roaring-Twenties Style Speakeasy launch party where the drinks are flowing and divinely inspired chocolates are readily at hand? How about all the coffee you can drink for a month.

Maybe you’re a lover of the arts. In that case, you may want to attend a Painting or Piano Composition designed especially for you. Instead, you may prefer a Private Dinner for two at Sopra in Lake Geneva. You can even choose 1 Coffee/Tea/Chocolate Per Day Forever.

These and more are some of the rewards available for those who contribute to “Ethereal On The Move!”

Ethereal Confections is the unique and wonderful café and exotic chocolate destination on The Woodstock Square. They have created a widely appreciated opportunity for lovers of coffees, teas, beers, wines, liqueurs, and other delectables. But, success has come at a price; they’ve outgrown their location at 113 S Benton Street, in Woodstock.

The solution required a move to a larger facility. But, Ethereal and The Square are such a dynamic match that they clearly didn’t want too move far. Kitty corner across The Square is the old Elk’s Lodge at 140 Cass Street. With some extensive remodeling, this will become the new Ethereal Confections.

Management of Ethereal Confections has big plans for the move, including the following (from their Website and Kickstarter program):

  • Incubator Kitchen - rentable, dedicated commercial kitchen space for any food entrepreneur to create the next great craft food.
  • Community Nights - Poetry nights, knitting nights, art gallery openings, movie screenings, local musicians, swing dancing, and a lot of other cool things! This will be a space to share passions for arts, crafts, music and literature.
  • Speakeasy - An awesome 1920s throwback bar with period music and furniture (In a secret basement room. Don’t worry, we’ll give you the password if you back us.)

    vinyl wrap branding digital devices
    Here I am at Ethereal Confections in the last year. By this time next year, Ethereal Confections will be in its new location on the opposite corner of The Square.
  • New Cafe - Our cafe will change and expand. We’ll have more food and we’ll make more great connections with the community to bring in more farm to table ingredients!
  • Event Room - Looking for a great space for your next party, business meeting or celebration? How about with some chocolate too? (hint hint)
  • More Pairings, Flights & Secret Food Occasions - We’ll have more room to host new events and we also have some special (secret) ideas up our sleeves.
  • And More Chocolate! - We want to expand our chocolate production and get equipment to be able to sell to more places across the world!

Making all of this happen will require some help. To maximize the potential of the move, and make these options realities, Ethereal has setup a Kickstarter page to raise the funds required for the expansion. If you would like to help create an even greater Ethereal Confections destination, and enjoy some of the rewards for contributing, you can do so at their Kickstarter page (Click Here).

Great rewards for those who help Ethereal Confections maximize potential of their Woodstock Square move

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