How’s your Website doing? Is it achieving increasing online visibility or is it losing visibility? Those are the only options. Website visibility is never static. You don’t bring your Website’s visibility up and then walk away knowing that the job is done.

When a Website first goes live, it gets a big boost in visibility. But, afterward, the visibility diminishes.

Website visibility blog garden
Your blog garden will help keep your Website’s visibility growing

Imagine someone whose Website went live a couple years ago. How visible would you expect their Website to be if they never did anything with it during that time? After a couple years, the Website would fade into virtual obscurity.

You might say that, therefore, the answer is to post a new Website every several months. That would certainly create greater ongoing, online visibility. However, half-a-dozen-new Websites each year is a costly and inconvenient approach. Worse yet, you’ll probably find it very difficult to maintain your brand with a Website that is constantly replaced by a new Website. There is a better way.

Making changes to your existing Website helps to keep it fresh. A change won’t give your Website the same kind of a boost that a new Website achieves but it helps. Changing photos. Changing content. Changing or adding pages. These are all ideas that will help. But, there’s a better, an easier way.

Adding a blog page to your Website is like creating an online garden where visibility can grow. All you need to do is add a seed from time to time. Every time you plant a blog on your blog page, your Website gets a boost.

Now, you can take your blog garden a step further by distributing backlinks (links elsewhere on the Internet that bring people back to a page, such as one of your blogs). With this strategy, you’re funneling people into your Website through your blog page.

As your garden grows, your Website stays fresher and more visible.



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Blog garden keeps your Website visibility growing

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