Follicly challenged is a good thing on Monday mornings when 2 Bald Guys & A Microphone take to the air – radio airwaves, that is. The radio show that seeks to inspire listeners, and Facebook viewers, at that delicate time first-thing Monday mornings, airs from 6 to 9 a.m. on WHIW 101.3 FM, will celebrate its one-year anniversary on Labor Day, Sept. 4.

“We started the show because we want to help people start their weeks with a positive attitude,” said Tim Stewart, one of the Bald Guys on the show. “If people can start their week on a good note they have a better chance

inspirational radio program
(L-R) Kent ‘Deek’ Jones and Tim ‘Coach Papa’ Stewart are the hosts of the inspirational radio show ‘2 Bald Guys & A Microphone’ that is celebrating its 1-year anniversary.

of finishing their weeks that way.”

Kent ‘Deek’ Jones, the other Bald Guy, said that he and Stewart met last year and connected in a way that they felt could help others.

“We were introduced by Frank Hosticka,” said Jones. “Frank (the Membership Director with the McHenry Area Chamber of Commerce) introduces people all the time and, when he met us, he put two-and-two together. He told me, I’ve got someone you have to meet.”

Jones, who works in banking and is a Deacon with his church, has prior experience in radio and handles the control board during the show. Though Stewart, also called Coach Papa after his business and personal coaching service, is new to radio, he plays a technical role by operating the video camera that televises the show live on Facebook at Steward has also authored several books, including “A Guy Named Frank,” a book that teaches how to network in the business world.

The show has other regular participants, including Ron Hoesterey, a Texas rancher, business coach and author. Hoesterey, who was once the Mayor of Tustin, CA, provides inspirational commentary throughout the show but has a segment of his own where he offers “East Texas wisdom to a heard of hungry Americans.”

Demond K Ross, an educator and motivational speaker, also has a regular segment on the show, often calling in to share a perspective of inspiration but also frequently appearing in the studio for the show.

The show has had guests ranging from former Chicago Bear Desmond Clark, Gold Star Mother Sandy Barcus with Collier’s House, and Al Francis with Wild Pigs MC, a motorcycle organization made up of police officers. One thing all guests have in common is a message of experience, strength and hope.

The 2 Bald Guys also make public appearances, such as at this year’s Milk Days event in Harvard. They’re also available to share their message of inspiration at schools, business and other organizations.

2 Bald Guys inspirational radio show celebrates one year of Monday morning smiles
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